Kids playing in the room

Daily Program Plan

I will be maintaining a high standard of professionalism. All the children will be treated with respect and given recognition for their strengths in a variety of aspects in developing new or old skills. I want to include all children in a group setting and allow them to take part in activities as a team. Team building allows children to build important life skills. As a caregiver I am there to help promote independence by encouragement. I strongly believe that children all have different stages in development. I want each child to grow from suitable opportunities and be able to gain new skills. I will be providing a stimulating theme based program that can be challenging. I would encourage promoting healthy growth and development in children in social, emotional, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills.

7:30am – Free Play Time
This time is flexible and goes throughout the morning. We believe creativity allows children to express themselves by art, music, movement, imaginative play, storytelling and construction and model making.

8:30am – Structured Time/Free Play

During this time children learn to classifying, ordering, determining direction and understanding spatial relationships. For example we have art projects, ordering sizes, classifying objects, science experiments, math experiences and learning to cut.

9:45am – Clean up Time

Children clean up the toys. Do attendance at the circle.

10:00am – Snack Time

Children wash hands and eat their snack.

10:30am – Circle Time

During this time we look at appropriate literature. Language Development allows children to build speaking and listening skills and understanding written words. Some examples of the tools needed during this time are: books, puppets, story baskets, flannel board stories, cd, music, dance, finger plays and musical instruments.

11:00am – Outdoor Time

Children get ready for outdoor play. During outdoor time the children build on small muscle development, large muscle development, self-help skills and good health and safety habits. For example: children use the washroom before going outside, dress them self’s into outdoor clothing, use climbers, run, jump and kick balls.

12:00pm – Lunch Time

Children wash hands and put away outdoor clothing. Children eat lunch.

12:45pm – Transition Time

Time to use the washroom. Children get ready for the nap room.

1:00 pm – Rest Time

Children engage in quiet time.

2:15pm – Structured Time

Children get time to interact with others in the classroom in a variety of ways. For example: games, manipulative toys, dramatic play, blocks, sensory table, art center and quiet book time.

2:30pm – Free Play

Dramatic play station, cars, trains, lego, blocks, book station and etc.

3:00pm – Free Play

Child washes hands, uses the washroom and eats a snack.

4:00pm – Outside Time

Free play time indoors or outdoors.

5:30pm – Closed